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If we look at our life from the time that we are born until the time we die, the body is in constant motion, even when at rest. The cells of our body are constantly dying and being replaced by new, healthy cells. Two and one-half million of them will die and be replaced every minute of your life. This is a normal process. Health can be defined as the ability of the body to replace the cells and tissue structures normally and consistently. There is an innate intelligence within each of us that is far superior to our educated brain which creates and recreates us on a continual basis. In order for this process to occur, life force (mental impulse) must be flowing throughout the body to all cells and tissues. Its medium is the brain and nervous system. The innate intelligence directs this life force to every cell and tissue of the body. When the life force is free of interference the body is at its maximum health potential. If the life force is interfered with the body does not have the ability to recreate itself normally and disease results.


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"Whether you have never received chiropractic treatment before or you've been receiving chiropractic care for years, I have two words for you - CHIROPRACTIC WORKS!


A few months back, I sprained my ankle while playing soccer. To tell you the truth, I don't think the word "sprained" even comes close to describing what happened. The sprain was so bad that I had lividity (black and blue coloring) all the way down my foot to my toes. Three separate doctors told me that it would be eight to ten weeks before I'd even be able to begin running again, much less be back up to my usual pace and distance as an avid runner.


Naturally, I approached my chiropractors, Dr. Sean Moffett and Dr. David Lamb, for assistance. Within one week of the injury they had me back to walking like a normal, healthy adult, instead of limping around like a wounded animal as I had been. Within two and a half weeks following the injury, I was running again. Slowly at first, but stronger with each run. Inside of five weeks, I was actually running FASTER than I had been before the injury. You can imagine how surprised my family physician was when I returned to his office for a checkup a month after the infamous soccer game that caused the injury. He said he had never seen a sprain of this degree of seriousness heal so quickly. All I could say to him was, "Chiropractic Works!" ~Peter B.


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